Monday, 22 April 2013

Whats in my bag?

Hello everyone

I have never done a post like this before so its something different :) 
My bag is my new Nica Koper bag I do love this bag as its not too big.  I am not really a fan of those totally massive handbags that are really in right  now.

Cath Kidston purse
Primark floral make up bag
Sunglassses in Primark (CK alike) case
Primark diary
Nivea Facial wipes
Argan oil
Glasses - eek I should wear these for driving and watching tv but I must admit I don't as I forget!
Tablets - I suffer with hypothydroidism (Under Active Thyroid) I will be on medication for the rest of my life but I always carry a box with me in case I ever am in a rush and forget to take one.
Iron tablets - I also have anaemia
Standard black comb
Pretty make up brushes from Forever 21
Ipod shuffle - I walk to work most days it takes about 20 mins so I love to have music
Sally Hansen Airbush Legs - you never know when you may need a quick spray of tan...ha ha
Body Spray
New Look pink bow umbrella
Carex Antibacterial this stuff I use it all the time
Spare hairslides
Thats really quite a lot for a medum sized I realised my bag could be a chemist! ha ha

By the way can I just ask did you notice my new blog background and is it floral??? 

Take care


  1. That is a lovely bag xx

  2. Love the handbag, and your background is floral - and lovely!


  3. I can't believe that all fits in! I carry around loads in the changing bag, but i am going this weekend and taking a clutch, it'll be so nice to have a small bag!

    If you put the code from the badge in my sidebar into a html gadget thing on your sidebar, my badge should show

  4. I really like that bag. I've had a Nica bag and I've had it for years and it's my absolute go to bag!


  5. What a lovely bag. I have a Niva one that I have rarely used, it's such a shame as its so pretty - its cream, with gold and studs and embroidered flowers, that sounds hideous, haha, but it's a lovely summer bag.
    I carry so much around with me, I tried a smaller bag but found that I just ended up carrying things around in my hands!
    Is the Sally Hansen stuff any good?

    1. Hi Hazel

      Sally Hansen is brilliant in my opinion but do not buy the Deep Glow...its orange! The best is medium glow or the one I have is tan glow. I like tan glow as its dark but not orange but I think next time I buy one I am going to get medium as I think its a bit more natural x

    2. Thanks lovely! I'm very pale and while I'm not worried about a full on tan, it's nice sometimes to add a touch of colour and take away the pasty! I'll check i tout - def won't be going for the deep glow though - eek!

    3. Medium or light glow would be better for you then. If you are pale I would not try Tan Glow and deffo not Deep glow...its hideous x

  6. Hehehe that Sally Hansen product in your handbag is so you, with your pretty pins and your skirts :)

    1. aww thankyou. I like tanned pins ha ha :)

  7. The new background is lovely!
    Were you in the Girl Guides? You're prepared for almost anything with your bag contents! x

    1. I was actually in the Brownies ha ha...I know I am that sort of person I usually carry the kitchen sink around with me x

  8. Hey, love what's in my bag posts! I am a new follower, please check out my blog if you get a chance and follow if you like!


  9. I love being nosy inside people's handbags :P Your bag is beautiful :D
    Love Holly x


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