Thursday, 14 March 2013

The best inexpensive leggings in the world...probably!

Hiya everyone
Leggings are one of those items of clothing I must admit I always said I would never wear when they came back in fashion a few years ago but I was easily converted as long as they are worn the right way of course!  
I have tried many leggings from various shops and I admit I think Topshop have the best leggings, they are pricier but well worth the money.  However if you don't want to spend a lot of money then I have found some fabulous leggings in Primark which are only £4.00

They are very thick so you cannot see through them, not that I would ever wear them with short tops anyway...ugh!  Plus they have light control so pull you in nicely and they are skintight so no sagginess in sight.  
I would say these are a mix of tights and leggings, skintight and mega stretchy.
I bought the size 8-10 and they fit perfect. 
I love them so much I went back and purchased another pair!


  1. Ooh, I could do with some of these! x

  2. Hi Lisa
    Following your new blog now xxx
    Also following on bloglovin xx

  3. Hm... I don't have a TopShop over here! I get my leggings from Hue, though they are not cheap.

    7% Solution​

  4. they are great aren't they? I brought a few pairs foe my youngest and I, plus they wash really well too

    X x

  5. My friend got me some fleece lined ones off the market and I love them. I'd never wear them visibly, strictly as underwear! x


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