Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Beauty Fail - Kelly Brook Mascara

A couple of weeks ago I purchased the Kelly Brook Mascara that retails at only £2.99 in New Look.

This is the worse mascara I have ever bought!
Firstly the brush is massive, which is usually a good thing  I mean I like full long and thick lashes(like most people) but this brush is just too big.  When you apply it I find it ends up all over my eyelids....its terrible.
Secondly I find it stings my eyes slightly...that may be just me though.
Thirdly - The brush is not very easy to use because its so big but also its not very flexible, it feels like appling mascara with a brick!
I do not like this mascara at all I think I will stick with the No7 range which is the usual mascara's I buy and although they are a lot more expensive its definitely worth paying a bit more for a decent mascara.

Its a shame as I have bought other Kelly Brook products which I have been really impressed with.
Have you tried this mascara? 
Whats your favourite mascara?


  1. I hate it when a mascara disappoints! x

  2. I've not tried this but don't think I'll bother now! At least it wasn't too expensive x

  3. What a shame. I nearly always buy Max Factor False Lash Mascara but at the minute i've got a Collection 2000 one that i got on an offer and i really like it. x

  4. Aww it's annoying when things like this happen. I once tried a mascara that was ridiculous wet to the point that blinking left it all around my eyes.
    My favourite mascara is Avon super shock. It's often on offer for 4/5 quid so bargain! X

  5. Thanks for the info, what a shame, I love Kelly Brook's clothes for New Look. My favourite is Clinique's mascara but I can't afford it at the moment, so I'm using Maybelline. It's ok, not the best!



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