Sunday, 21 April 2013

A few hours in Portishead

A couple of Sunday's back Mike and I went out for lunch and then we decided to go to Portishead which is not far from Bristol.  It was probably the actual first nice day we have had weather wise this year,  although it looks rather cold and dull in the photos it was actually warm..ish! :)

Portishead is a coastal town which overlooks the Severn Estuary.  It has a marina, boating lake, swing park and a little cafe.  It also has a lido (outdoor pool) which was closed for many years but has recently just re-opened.  If you have never heard of Portishead, you may have heard of the band though, its between Bristol and  Weston Super Mare.  I love going there as I find it really relaxing and you can park your car overlooking the sea and its so serene and peaceful..

 Mike on the rocky beach

If you look closely you can make out the newest severn bridge which connects England to Wales and beyond that the older severn bridge.

 Lighthouse, in which you can walk onto and explore

Have you ever been to Portishead?



  1. i have not, which isn't too surprising given my location lol but i wanted to say loving your new blog template! <3

  2. I was in Portishead this morning :) Central though, there's a coffee shop called Impero lounge which is fabulous (good food too!)


  3. Pretty! I've never heard of it before. I love being near the sea though, i find it so relaxing.

  4. I only know the band! I've seen the signs when we've headed south. x


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