Monday, 8 April 2013

Reviving your wardrobe!

Every now and again I have a good clearout of things I no longer wear or do not fit.  I hate chucking things out though, I am a bit of a hoarder so our attic is rammed with things we probably no longer need or use...much to Mike's annoyance.
Most items I put on Ebay but some are not worth selling on ebay so they are given to a charity shop.
I had this cute little dress I bought from ASOS a few years ago but the zip had broken.  Usually I would replace the zip myself as I have done this before but this zip was extremely hard, therefore I needed the services of someone more professional. A neighbour mum told me of a local seamstress who just lives down the road from me and she does not charge a lot. 
I popped down to see her and was greeted by this tiny little old woman who can hardly walk and who has crippling arthritis but give her a dress and she can work wonders.
She managed to put a zip in this dress for me for me and she was telling me she can adjust almost anything and she can even take things out, sometimes she will take material from another part of the dress and add it so you have the same pattern. 

I also bought this dress in the sale in ASOS for £10.50 it was originally £35.00 it its was too big for me on the chest and waist but I could not bear to return it so for a fiver I had this taken in and now it fits perfectly. 

I can take a hem up, sew a button and sew the occasional zip but thats about it for me.
I think having a good quality seamstress nearby is a always a good thing and she does not charge very much. I took the first dress into a well known dry cleaners and they wanted to charge me £18.00 to replace the zip..extortionate!
I realise that when I lose weight I may have a couple more dresses that I cannot bear to part with that will need taking in so I will definitely be asking her to alter these too.
Are you any good at sewing?


  1. oh, I am not good a at sewing, but I will be taking a class next fall who will teach you basic sewing skills and I'm hoping after that I will be able to muster my way through basic things, or even better I could start sewing clothes :D ;)

  2. BLess her... I imagine she is a fabulous person to know and incredibly handy too!

    I hate parting with things and only do it when I need a good sort out. As for sewing I am pants, thankfully my mother in law is a whizz at it.

    x x

  3. I really want to learn to sew, especially after watching the Great British Sewing Bee on TV, plus making my own clothes would be so much cheaper.

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  4. i definitely agree that every once in a while - we need to go through our closet and update it

  5. Glad you managed to save these dresses. Favourite dresses not fitting is the one downside of losing weight I found. Your lucky to have someone who does cheap alterations local to you. My local seamstress charges a fortune for the simplest of tasks :( xx

  6. Oh I suck at sewing :( but I love that polka dot dress!


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