Sunday, 14 April 2013

Haul - Shoes, boots and knitwear.


Its been a whole week since my post about the white H&M dress but that same day I bought a few other things.
I had a little spree in New Look where I had a 20% off voucher too :)

Tan shoe boots - These were from the Teens section but I like them as they are not too high plus as I have small ankles I love the fact that these fit my ankles perfectly so there is not a massive gap at the top of the boots which I find happens a lot with boots.

Also in the Teens section I saw these pumps and although I may have mentioned before that I hate black pumps these are just stunning.  I love the crochet lace effect.



Peach cardigan - pics taken from website as my photos are not that good.  I love this cardigan as I love my pastels.

White longline cardigan

Gold by Giles in Cafe Au Lait

Also in Primark I bought another of these accessory hangers.  I bought one last year and its brilliant for hanging all your necklaces, scarves, belts and anything else you may want to use it for!

What do you think?

Today I have had a really lazy day.  I have just made a massive New Look order which mainly consisted of summer items to wear for work as thats one thing thats lacking in my wardobe.  My current work wardrobe at the moment contains a lot of black...boring!  I had a 25% off voucher too and I got free next day delivery.  I shall post about this later in the week.


  1. i really like those hangers, been looking for a new way to store things...
    those crochet effect flats are super cute too!

  2. Those hangers look very useful!

  3. Loves those shoes, the crochet bit is so cute xx

  4. Those shoes are gorgeous, really pretty. Thank you mentioning me in your last post lovely, as you know i am most defiantely a shopaholic! x

  5. The accessory hanger looks great :)
    I've never seen that in Primark before but I will be looking out for one from now on! xx

  6. That hanger is a really clever idea and I am loving those pumps.

    x x

  7. oooh looking forward to that haul in your next post :)
    I'm loving them crocheted flats you bought, they are really pretty, i need to buy a few lighter cardigans for the summer too like that white you bought.

    I replied back to your comments btw :)

    x x x

  8. Oooh I love both pairs of shoes! The crocheted flats are so pretty and unusual xx


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