Tuesday, 16 April 2013

New Look order - Keep or Return please help!

Hiya everyone
On Sunday I made quite a large New Look order I mainly wanted some summer tops for work I managed to get 25% off and free next day delivery and so my order arrived yesterday.
I was not amused if I am honest most of it is going back...I ordered a size 12 in all the tops and they are more like a size 16! What is going on with shops sizing??
I really love this blouse though I am just not sure if its flattering on me.  I am losing weight though as I am exercising and I have managed to cut out a lot of carbs and definitely feel a difference in my tummy area....I used to be so bloated.  I am not used to wearing things like this so was unsure so whats your honest opinions? 
I find blouses don't really suit me but this one is gorgeous and I like it tucked into my Peplum pencil skirt.
Please excuse the boobage but I wanted to show the pretty pattern close up!
I also bought a leopard print skinny belt...I have been after one for ages,
And I managed to get 2 strapless/multiway bras for £11.99! One in nude and one in white and they are fabulous basic bras and definitely worth £11.99.
I also bought the Kelly Brook masacara which is absolutely awful...may do a post about this at another time.
its a shame most of it is being returned though! 
What do you think?


  1. Oh how disappointing, I hate it when that happens. I've got some jeans coming my way, I hope I have better luck!
    Your blouse is very pretty though so at least the free postage wasn't wasted ;o)

  2. No annoying when that happens and such disappointment but I like the blouse on you - definitely keep it!!!



  3. I vote Keep... And as for sizing, ive given up.... I go for what fits and what is comfortable and the label can sod off xx


  4. I like it, you can use it as casual wear or for more formal getup as well!

  5. Definitely keep the blouse it's gorgeous and looks fab! xx

  6. The blouses is perfect, you should keep it! :) Lovley to find your blog xx


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