Friday, 12 April 2013

The Shopaholic Tag


Hello everyone

I saw this tag on Louise's blog and thought it would be ideal for me seen as I am self confessed Shopaholic!

01. How old were you when you realised you were a shopaholic?
I think I was probably about 12-13, my mum used to take me into town on a Saturday and in school holidays and I loved our shopping trips.  She would always buy me loads of clothes in fact looking back she often neglected buying herself anything nice to buy me things..I am very grateful.
02. How do you feel after shopping, and do you have any weird habits after shopping?
Do you know I do....basically I feel amazing after a shopping trip and when I get home I usually show Mike my purchases...he is not usually that interested but still... ha ha.  The weird thing is I cannot take the stuff out of the bags to put it away until the next day, then I take each item out try it on and put it away!
I also photograph it for my blog!

03. What are your top 5 favourite stores to shop at and why?
  1. Forever 21 - I wish there was a store in Bristol.  I love this shop as its very nice quality, pretty clothing and its the same sort of price as Primark maybe a tad more expensive.
  2. New Look - I especially love their shoes and boots....I also have a friend who works in there and gets me 25% off. 
  3. Primark - well I have a love/hate relationship with this store.  When they get it right they get it so right but when they get it wrong its disastrous! 
  4. Asos - I think they have some lovely and unusual items and its usually a nice quality.
  5. H&M - I love H&M, its very inexpensive and I like the quality.
I also love Zara and Mango but they are very expensive in the UK but if I go to Spain its a lot cheaper there and I spend loads.
04. What item do you have most of in your closet?
Dresses, without a seconds thought.   I love dresses as they suit me and they are so versatile and feminine.

05. What's the most you've ever spent in one shopping trip?
hmm about £100 I don't tend to go to expensive shops so I can usually get a lot for that too.  

06. Do you ever experience shoppers regret?
All the time if I am honest!   I am trying now to only buy things I really want.  I do tend to take things back though if I regret purchasing them..

07. What was something you regretted buying?
Cannot really think of anything!


08. What is your favourite thing to buy?

09. Do you buy the same item in different colours?
I have done if I really like something I will buy it in other colours. 

10. Do you ever use dressing rooms?
All the time, I never buy anything in a shop unless I try it on.

11. Do you prefer to go shopping alone, or with others? And who is your favourite shopping buddy?
Depends really, if I am wanting to go serious shopping than its better to be alone but I think I prefer shopping with someone and making a day of it.   

12. If you could go shopping with a celebrity who would it be and why?
Gosh tricky one.... here goes
Katie Piper - I love how she dresses and think she would be lovely and I admire her so much.  
Alicia Dixon would be such a laugh to have around and you would have fun shopping with her! 
Kelly Brook always dresses lovely apart from the dodgy dress she wore a few years back.
Zoe Hardman - she always looks fabulous too.  I love how she wears cowboy boots with dresses as I love this look. 
Holly Willoughby - I think some of her outfits are a too old looking BUT 98% of the time she looks lovely.  I like her and I partically love this outfit I want the whole outfit.  She is naturally so feminine looking.  Anyone know where this dress is from? I want those cropped jeggings too!


13. If you could go shopping with a blogger/youtuber who would it be and why?
This is hard too as there are so many bloggers I would love to go shopping with!
I think Charlotte from would be brilliant as we both like our pretty dresses and she seems like a lovely girl.
  Emma from   because she puts some lovely outfits together too and she too seems lovely.
  and Charlotte from   because they both love the same sort of clothes as me and they are very girly.
Also Sadie from because she seems like a great girl and she always dresses so lovely and smart.
Also Sophie from
   because we would have a good rummage in the charity shops and she is witty and makes me laugh.


14. What's your favourite treat, snack, drink during or after shopping?
If I go with friends then usually we go to a nice restaurant but if I go alone then I usually just grab a snack

15. What is something you've always wanted to buy but never had the money to do so?
I am going to pass on this one as I think I buy most things I want.  I would love a gorgeous fake fur coat but the ones I see are £100 and I cannot justify spending that on one thing!

16. If you had £1,000 to spend on anything you want, what would you splurge on?
I'd buy a fake fur coat for sure and a few other things plus I would also treat a friend and buy them something.  I always say to my closest friend if I win the lottery I will pay for us to go to New York.  In fact we are actually thinking of going to New York next year for a girly few days!  Unfortunately I won't be paying for her though...unless those lucky numbers come in!...I wish :)

17. Are you a proud shopaholic?
Yeah, I am not in debt I don't have any credit cards so I think there is nothing wrong with it.

I Tag:
Anyone who wants to do this tag! Please let me know as I would love to see your answers.
Sorry I will get around to posting my haul from last week over the weekend :)


Take care


  1. aw thanks for including me Lisa!! :D I love your style too, we're very similar! I always want everything you post! I'm off to check out the other girls blogs xx

  2. Awww, thanks for mentioning me, we'd have great fun out rummaging together ;)
    I really like reading these tag posts x

  3. OOh what a fab tag... I totally agree with you on Primark xx

  4. Ooh I love this tag. I agree Katie Piper is so lovely.
    Thankyou for mentioning me, I would LOVE to go shopping with you! Xx

  5. Whole I love shopping, I honestly don't think that I'm a shopaolic!

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