Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Skirt Alert

The one thing I am lacking in my wardorbe is work wear.  I tend to wear dresses to work with thick tights but I am thinking with summer coming soon (well hopefully) I will be wearing bare legs so I need some proper knee length skirts and dresses.  I absolutely hate corporate wear and I am lucky where I work as they are pretty relaxed as long as you don't wear denim.
I have been looking everywhere for skirts but do you think I could find ones that I liked....well I have now. :)
I was browsing online at George at Asda and noticed they had these skirts for only £8.00 each!
The first one is a peplum hem skirt and I was lucky with this as they only had one left in my size .  I love this Peplum style its very flattering and it will look great with heels or shoe boots.
The polka dot one I just had to have as its so different.
 I ordered these on Easter Sunday and they arrived yesterday.  They are both lovely skirts and fantastic value.

What do you think of my skirts?


  1. I love Asda for basics- the price is amazing and quality is good.

  2. They look fab and ideal for work. I wear dresses all the time as its just so easy to get ready and an un godly hour.

    X x


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