Friday, 15 March 2013

Teeny tiny haul


Unfortunately Ollie has not been well, we came home Thursday night and noticed that all the cushions in our living room were soaking wet...Ollie had urinated on them all.  I cannot be angry with him as I knew there had to be something wrong.  We took him to the vets tonight and he decided to urinate in the pet carrier which distressed him greatly...poor sole.   The vet did a few tests and he has a Urinary infection and has to go on antibiotics.  Poor thing I hope he gets well soon. ♥

A couple of weeks ago I did a spot of shopping and had lunch with some girl friends.
I did not spend much really just a few little treats.
Blue Stripy ballet Flats - £4.00 Primark, love these to wear with skinny jeans/jeggings or denim shorts.


Cute earrings - £2.00

Shaper Leggings  £4.00 (you can see these in my previous post)
And I had to show you my gorgeous vanity bag which I put on my old blog.  I love this so much,  it looks like leather and its so pretty in my bathroom ♥
I also got this t-shirt in New Look, I love this as I tend to buy a lot of dresses so its nice to have some different things.
Have a lovely weekend



  1. awww the poor lamb hope he gets better soon xx

  2. oh poor Ollie hope he's better soon

    x x

  3. Wishing Ollie a speedy recovery, poor little boy! x

  4. Poor love, hope he's better in no time. xxx

  5. Aw, poor kitty, I hope he's better soon! x

  6. aw, get well soon to Mr Kitty! x

  7. Aww poor ollie, I hope he gets better soon,

    love your mini haul, i need to keep my eyes out for those shoes, i love the nautical look.

    that floral top is so pretty too, lovely for spring.
    I see you bought those control leggings you said you were going to pick up - i just replied to that comment on my blog - i may have to invest in some of these.

    x x x

  8. Hope your cat is getting better, my cat had the same problem a few weeks ago, he drank a lot so I took him to the vets who gave him a shot of antibiotics and now he is much better.


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