Sunday, 10 March 2013

A new beginning

Hiya and welcome to my new blog The Diary of a Brunette :)

My name is Lisa-Jane and I  had a blog for a few years called The Brunette Diaries but have decided to end my old blog and make a brand new one.
I am going to try and post more often than I did of late on my previous blog and I have some new ideas for future posts.
Coming soon I have some Ebay buys, beauty reviews and there will also be the usual haul and outfit posts and a few new things.

Please pop by and leave me a comment as I need to add you all to my new blog.
I will also be amending my background but for some reason blogger is having problems doing this! 
Thank you for popping by
Speak to you all soon
BTW I will be adding some new gadgets to the side as the blog looks rather bland at the moment!


  1. Aww I've heard quite a few people have been having problems with blogger recently. I've been bogged down with uni assignments so haven't had the opportunity (or energy) for blogging for a while now :( I do miss it.

    My blog is

    I shall be following this blog as soon as I'm on the computer :) (I'm commenting via my phone) xx

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I'm glad you are persevering with blogging after the trouble you've been having. I can't find a follow button though? x

  3. Hi lovely, glad to be able to read a blog from you again! x

  4. Good luck with this new blog... fingers crossed you don't encounter the same problems!

  5. Looking forward to reading your posts :) x

  6. Good luck with your new blog, it looks great already, I love the colours.

  7. Hi hun, happy new blog. Cant wait to read your posts.

  8. Hello my dear, I will still be visiting your new blog too. I've clicked follow and hope this blogs works fine for you

    X x

  9. Hi there, glad to see you up and running again. I did wonder what was going on with your blog- chrome kept telling me there was a virus!

  10. Happy new blog, Lisa! I've missed you! xxx


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