Tuesday, 19 March 2013

NOTD- Kelly Brook Mayfair

As you may know Kelly Brook has a make up range with New Look and I purchased a few items which I shall tell you about in another post but I just wanted to show you this nail varnish as I love the colour..its very pretty.
I have a funny story about this polish as a couple of weeks ago I had a doctors appointment and my own doctor is lovely she always comments on how much she loves my clothes and earrings...which is rather nice coming from a doctor.  However on this particular occasion I had to see another doctor who was an elderly male doctor who shall we say did not really have a good bedside manner! :(
Anyhow I went along and the doctor had to monitor my heart by putting a strange 'clip like thing' on my finger....not sure what its called but anyway he actually said 'oh I hope it works through that nasty nail vanish!!' I mean how rude! I was a bit gobsmacked but just thought he is an old fuddy duddy who does not have a clue lol.
The nail polish in question was this one...I don't think its nasty I think its really pretty....so funny....but what a cheek!
Have you tried any Kelly Brook make up?


  1. lol the cheek its pretty :) yeah the varnish supposedly alters the reading of the oxygen levels lol I was in hospital once and they were really worried about me until they realised I was wearing clear nail strengthener lol

  2. Lol @ the grumpy doc.
    When i had Seb and i was rushed off to have a c section they let me keep my nail polih on because it was so pretty! WWhen i was in hospital with Alex i had to take it off as i had my stats taken every 3 hours boooo.

  3. oh that is funny, what a rude thing of him to say!!! Some people! x

  4. I was going to say the same as Louise but she beat me to it!
    I'm not a fan of pink nails on me but they suit you! x

  5. That was a rude doctor! Haha, gorgeous nail colour though, I've never tried the Kelly Brook stuff xx


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