Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Kelly Brook Bardot Blusher

As I mentioned in a previous post when I purchased the Kelly Brook Mayfair nail polish and I also purchased the pink blusher called Bardot.
It was only £2.99 which I thought is a good price.
I love this blush....its very pretty pink and I think the packaging is adorable.
I also like the fact that on the underside of the blusher is a mirror and cute. 
I think this is an amazing blusher for £2.99.
What do you think? Have you tried this?

Sorry I will get around to doing my haul post in the next couple of days. :)



  1. Ooh this looks so pretttty! x

  2. Cute!! The spotty packaging reminds me of the Topshop nail polishes. xx

  3. that looks really pretty x

  4. Ohhh i didn't know kelly brook had released a make up range, this blush is such a lovely colour, I'm a pink fan of peaches - perfect for spring :)

    will keep my eyes peeled for this,

    x x x

  5. Pretty packaging. I only ever use cream blusher, the powder doesn't seem to look right as I don't use foundation. x

  6. gosh I need to get some blush! I need it and I love the color of this one!

  7. Ooh I love the packaging. The blush is pretty too! Xx


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