Sunday, 24 March 2013

My Saturday - Bristol Fashion Show

On Saturday Mike's neice and I had tickets for the Bristol Fashion Show that is on every year.  The show is hosted by hairdresser Andrew Barton and fashion stylish Mark Hayes who appears on Daybreak.
Unfortunately cameras are not allowed in the show so I could not get any photos but it was fab
I went to it last year and really enjoyed it.  
Afterwards we got a free goodie bag which I have to say was much better than last years.
Inside the bag we had a collection of goodies including many samples, a Wilkinson Sword razor, Tresemme Hairspray and Body Shop shower gel.  Ollie is so nosy... ha ha
We shared a pizza in Pizza Hut...yummy.  You cannot go to Pizza Hut without having the Chocolate Cookie Dough desert...oh my thats fabulous!  For anyone who has not tried this you have to, its soft warm gooey cookie dough with gorgeous chocolate sauce and icecream...yummy!
Mike's neice bought these sandals in the Limited Collection at M&S...she saw them in the Fashion show and was in love...ha ha
They don't look that great quality in this photo but they do in reality, they are really nice and will go with many outfits.
I bought a few items including a couple of nice dresses in H&M wich I sall blog about in the week  I have not been in H&M for ages!
We spent 8 hours at the shopping centre so my feet were really tired and when we got back we decided to go out to the Harvester for a family meal with Mike's parents......eek 2 meals and 2 desserts in one day!!! A day off the diet that day!!! I hate to think how many calories I ate yesterday :(.
Hope you are having a nice weekend


  1. That goodie bag looks brilliant! I can understand why Ollie's so impressed! x

  2. ooh I do love fashion shows! Nice goody bag x

  3. that dessert looks amazing! I didn't go to the shows but I was shopping up at the mall this Saturday! x

  4. Great post! I really like free goodies! I didn't know pizza hut had that dessert, it looks so good!! :)

  5. I want that dessert!
    I popped into H&M today a picked up some great bargains, I love that shop!

  6. mmm that food looks delicious!

  7. Hey! Bloomin heck that cookie is massive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!x

  8. Need that pizza hut cookie dough in my life! x


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