Monday, 11 March 2013

Ebay purchases


Welcome to all my followers that have now either moved over from my old blog and hello and welcome to any new followers.  Thank you for your support :) 
I hope you enjoy reading my new blog.

Over the past month or so I have purchased a few items on Ebay which I wanted to tell you all about.
Firstly I finally got my little mitts on a bottle of Sienna X Dark Glowing Self Tan, this product is something I have heard so much about and have wanted to try for ages.  I notice they were selling this on Ebay for £18.95 and free postage which  I know is pretty dear for Fake Tan when you can buy St Moriz for only a bargainous £2.99....BUT and its a big BUT...this stuff is FANTASTIC.  I will do a review of this soon but needless to say its worth the money in my opinion and the real beauty with this tan is that its not tested on animals which is a major plus point for me.   I think this retails at about £23.95 so getting it on Ebay did save me a bit of cash. 

Secondly I managed to win this Topshop Ditsy Floral Dress,  this is actually from the Topshop Petite range and it fits perfectly .  It did cost me about £6.00 but as you may know if Ebay listings have the word 'Topshop' in they tend to sell for pretty dear much to my annoyance! 


Thirdly I got this Navy Blue and Cream Lace Trim Dress, this is only a Primark number and it was only 99p and £2.50 postage .  I remember this dress being in Primark a few years ago so its not current but who cares I love it on me.
So there you have it those are my Ebay buys.
What do you think?  Have you had any Ebay buys lately? 
Take care


  1. I've heard good things about that self tan, great that it's cruelty free, too. The dresses are fab, nothing for me, it's sell sell sell only! x

  2. I love the second dress especially! I don't really go on ebay but maybe I should! :) x


  3. hmm maybe i should start shopping on ebay

  4. Hi Lisa, i'm following now :) I love that Topshop dress, so pretty!
    It's weird starting a new blog and sad leaving the old one, but i quite liked the fresh start xx

  5. I don't ever seem to have much luck with fake tans so I dabble with gradual tans instead but they can leave me looking a little yellowish! I don't know why I bother really...
    Good purchases, I'm never really bothered if something is current season or not, if it's not there is less chance of someone else wearing the same thing :-)
    I've been avoiding eBay as I always get carried away, buy loads and then never get around to wearing any of it!

  6. The ditsy dress and that blue and crea lace trim dress are both beautiful!! P.S I'm your newest follower :) xx

  7. Those are lovely dresses for the summer (if it ever gets here!)

  8. I love the Topshop dress, so pretty x


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