Friday 29 March 2013

Last week's haul and Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Last Saturday when I went to the Fashion Show I ended up buying a few items..

Firstly in H&M I bought this little red/pink dress which is a skater effect with lace around the top and has a lace back.  I love this dress, the colour is so vibrant.

 I also bought a skinny plaited waist belt  in the sale.  It stated £2 on the tag but when I got to the till it was only £1..bargain

In New Look I bought this Navy Floral dress by Tenki, it looks much better in reality than in the photo.

It has ruffles across the chest which I really love


Lastly in Accessorise I bought these pretty butterfly hair cute and very me! 

Today Mike and I popped out to look at some wallpaper for the bedroom.  I want to do a feature wall and then paint the other walls plain.  You can see Ollie liked our wallpaper samples esp the one with the birds on...I wonder why!!  :)
I bought 4 samples back but I am going to go with the one that I loved as soon as I saw it.  Its very me and reminds me of being a bit Cath Kidston....I ♥ CK :)
What do you think of my items and wallpaper of course?  I was thinking of plain cream walls and I am going to buy a new dressing table which I have seen in Dunelm. I really love this one.
And I want the chest of drawers.

Its very shabby chic...which is totally me!
Have a lovely Easter

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Kelly Brook Bardot Blusher

As I mentioned in a previous post when I purchased the Kelly Brook Mayfair nail polish and I also purchased the pink blusher called Bardot.
It was only £2.99 which I thought is a good price.
I love this blush....its very pretty pink and I think the packaging is adorable.
I also like the fact that on the underside of the blusher is a mirror and cute. 
I think this is an amazing blusher for £2.99.
What do you think? Have you tried this?

Sorry I will get around to doing my haul post in the next couple of days. :)


Sunday 24 March 2013

My Saturday - Bristol Fashion Show

On Saturday Mike's neice and I had tickets for the Bristol Fashion Show that is on every year.  The show is hosted by hairdresser Andrew Barton and fashion stylish Mark Hayes who appears on Daybreak.
Unfortunately cameras are not allowed in the show so I could not get any photos but it was fab
I went to it last year and really enjoyed it.  
Afterwards we got a free goodie bag which I have to say was much better than last years.
Inside the bag we had a collection of goodies including many samples, a Wilkinson Sword razor, Tresemme Hairspray and Body Shop shower gel.  Ollie is so nosy... ha ha
We shared a pizza in Pizza Hut...yummy.  You cannot go to Pizza Hut without having the Chocolate Cookie Dough desert...oh my thats fabulous!  For anyone who has not tried this you have to, its soft warm gooey cookie dough with gorgeous chocolate sauce and icecream...yummy!
Mike's neice bought these sandals in the Limited Collection at M&S...she saw them in the Fashion show and was in love...ha ha
They don't look that great quality in this photo but they do in reality, they are really nice and will go with many outfits.
I bought a few items including a couple of nice dresses in H&M wich I sall blog about in the week  I have not been in H&M for ages!
We spent 8 hours at the shopping centre so my feet were really tired and when we got back we decided to go out to the Harvester for a family meal with Mike's parents......eek 2 meals and 2 desserts in one day!!! A day off the diet that day!!! I hate to think how many calories I ate yesterday :(.
Hope you are having a nice weekend

Tuesday 19 March 2013

NOTD- Kelly Brook Mayfair

As you may know Kelly Brook has a make up range with New Look and I purchased a few items which I shall tell you about in another post but I just wanted to show you this nail varnish as I love the colour..its very pretty.
I have a funny story about this polish as a couple of weeks ago I had a doctors appointment and my own doctor is lovely she always comments on how much she loves my clothes and earrings...which is rather nice coming from a doctor.  However on this particular occasion I had to see another doctor who was an elderly male doctor who shall we say did not really have a good bedside manner! :(
Anyhow I went along and the doctor had to monitor my heart by putting a strange 'clip like thing' on my finger....not sure what its called but anyway he actually said 'oh I hope it works through that nasty nail vanish!!' I mean how rude! I was a bit gobsmacked but just thought he is an old fuddy duddy who does not have a clue lol.
The nail polish in question was this one...I don't think its nasty I think its really funny....but what a cheek!
Have you tried any Kelly Brook make up?

Sunday 17 March 2013

Outfit Post - Corals & Florals ♥

Hiya everyone

I wore this outfit the other week and it made a change from dresses which is what I usually wear.

I have been going to the gym for 3 weeks now and I have noticed a slight change especially around my waist but I stll have a long way to go.  Looking at this photo I think I look massive but I know I am not as those jeggings are looser around the stomach than they used to be.  I just have to be patient and its going to take time. I already am starting to feel fitter and happier.:)

Coral Cardigan - Forever 21
Ditsy floral tee - New Look
Blue Jeggings - Dorothy Perkins
Tan boots - Dorothy Perkins
Vest top - Primark

I love this Forever 21 cardigan it was only £10 and I also got one in cream too.
Have a lovely weekend


Friday 15 March 2013

Teeny tiny haul


Unfortunately Ollie has not been well, we came home Thursday night and noticed that all the cushions in our living room were soaking wet...Ollie had urinated on them all.  I cannot be angry with him as I knew there had to be something wrong.  We took him to the vets tonight and he decided to urinate in the pet carrier which distressed him greatly...poor sole.   The vet did a few tests and he has a Urinary infection and has to go on antibiotics.  Poor thing I hope he gets well soon. ♥

A couple of weeks ago I did a spot of shopping and had lunch with some girl friends.
I did not spend much really just a few little treats.
Blue Stripy ballet Flats - £4.00 Primark, love these to wear with skinny jeans/jeggings or denim shorts.


Cute earrings - £2.00

Shaper Leggings  £4.00 (you can see these in my previous post)
And I had to show you my gorgeous vanity bag which I put on my old blog.  I love this so much,  it looks like leather and its so pretty in my bathroom ♥
I also got this t-shirt in New Look, I love this as I tend to buy a lot of dresses so its nice to have some different things.
Have a lovely weekend


Thursday 14 March 2013

The best inexpensive leggings in the world...probably!

Hiya everyone
Leggings are one of those items of clothing I must admit I always said I would never wear when they came back in fashion a few years ago but I was easily converted as long as they are worn the right way of course!  
I have tried many leggings from various shops and I admit I think Topshop have the best leggings, they are pricier but well worth the money.  However if you don't want to spend a lot of money then I have found some fabulous leggings in Primark which are only £4.00

They are very thick so you cannot see through them, not that I would ever wear them with short tops anyway...ugh!  Plus they have light control so pull you in nicely and they are skintight so no sagginess in sight.  
I would say these are a mix of tights and leggings, skintight and mega stretchy.
I bought the size 8-10 and they fit perfect. 
I love them so much I went back and purchased another pair!

Wednesday 13 March 2013

NOTD - 17 Mint Choc Chip

Last week whilst browsing in Boots I noticed 17 Mint Choc Chip Nail Varnish..I don't know about you but the name itself made me want to buy it, after all who can refuse Mint Choc chip ice cream...yummy!  I also love mint colour and thought it was really Spring like..its a shame the weather is not very Spring like though!
I am sorry but my nails are not that great but I just wanted to show you the colour.  I am thinking of having those gel nails as I dream of gorgeous french manicured nails! 
What do you think?

Have you tried this colour before?
Take care

Monday 11 March 2013

Ebay purchases


Welcome to all my followers that have now either moved over from my old blog and hello and welcome to any new followers.  Thank you for your support :) 
I hope you enjoy reading my new blog.

Over the past month or so I have purchased a few items on Ebay which I wanted to tell you all about.
Firstly I finally got my little mitts on a bottle of Sienna X Dark Glowing Self Tan, this product is something I have heard so much about and have wanted to try for ages.  I notice they were selling this on Ebay for £18.95 and free postage which  I know is pretty dear for Fake Tan when you can buy St Moriz for only a bargainous £2.99....BUT and its a big BUT...this stuff is FANTASTIC.  I will do a review of this soon but needless to say its worth the money in my opinion and the real beauty with this tan is that its not tested on animals which is a major plus point for me.   I think this retails at about £23.95 so getting it on Ebay did save me a bit of cash. 

Secondly I managed to win this Topshop Ditsy Floral Dress,  this is actually from the Topshop Petite range and it fits perfectly .  It did cost me about £6.00 but as you may know if Ebay listings have the word 'Topshop' in they tend to sell for pretty dear much to my annoyance! 


Thirdly I got this Navy Blue and Cream Lace Trim Dress, this is only a Primark number and it was only 99p and £2.50 postage .  I remember this dress being in Primark a few years ago so its not current but who cares I love it on me.
So there you have it those are my Ebay buys.
What do you think?  Have you had any Ebay buys lately? 
Take care

Sunday 10 March 2013

A new beginning

Hiya and welcome to my new blog The Diary of a Brunette :)

My name is Lisa-Jane and I  had a blog for a few years called The Brunette Diaries but have decided to end my old blog and make a brand new one.
I am going to try and post more often than I did of late on my previous blog and I have some new ideas for future posts.
Coming soon I have some Ebay buys, beauty reviews and there will also be the usual haul and outfit posts and a few new things.

Please pop by and leave me a comment as I need to add you all to my new blog.
I will also be amending my background but for some reason blogger is having problems doing this! 
Thank you for popping by
Speak to you all soon
BTW I will be adding some new gadgets to the side as the blog looks rather bland at the moment!