Monday 2 September 2013

Moved back to my original blog!

Hiya everyone

Just to let you know that I am not using this blog anymore as I have gone back to my original blog which I have had for a few years.  The only reason I started this blog was because I had problems with the old one but these seemed to have been sorted.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave me comments.

You can find my new blog here:

For some reason the link to the blog is not showing! Basically if you click after the here it should take you to the blog, its called The Brunette Diaries.  I am not sure why the link is not showing as when I edit the post its there!!!

I currently have 271 followers and I would love to reach 300 followers and as a thankyou I am going to hold a giveaway once I receive this magical number!

Take care and I look forward to seeing you on the other blog. 


Saturday 22 June 2013

My new itsy bitsy teeny weeny pink & ditsy floral bikini!


Well we are off to Zante in just under 2 weeks and although I am worried about going as my father is still ill I know he would want me to go and enjoy myself.  I do feel incredibly guilty though! 
To be honest if I was here there would not be much I can do anyway....I feel very helpless.

Anyway last weekend I bought a new bikini for my holiday and I had 25% off so it was a bargain.

I love the frill part on the bust.  

and the frill along the bottoms

Mike and I went holiday shopping today and he treated me to some Cath Kidston things in the sale...lucky me :) and I also bought something in the Topshop sale.  I will post about these soon :) 

Oh also I just want to say I am going to try and start doing some outfit posts soon.

Take care


Wednesday 19 June 2013

My New Dresses - Denim and Lace


Last weekend I was meant to be going to Bournemouth for a girlie weekend with a friend but because of everything with my dad I just did not feel like going.  Luckily when we booked the hotel we took out the cancellation policy so we managed to get our money back.  We are going to go away somewhere later in the year when I feel more up to it.

Instead my friend came to Bristol and we had lunch and had some retail therapy...I love retail therapy its the best medicine around! 

I managed to purchase two dresses:

In H&M I bought this pretty cream dress which is lace on the top half and then like a chiffon bottom.  This is really cute and its a nice length so can be worn with bare legs as its not too short.  It was only £14.99 plus I had a 25% off voucher from Grazia magazine so it was just over £11.00...bargain!

In New Look I also bought this denim shirt dress, I love this dress as its different to my usual dresses.  Its very fitted and versatile as it can be worn in summer or winter with tights.  

I love the heart design belt too.

I also bought a bikini for my holiday in just 2 weeks but I will put that in another post.

Take care


Monday 17 June 2013

Xen Tan Moroccan Tan


As you know I love to be tanned, in fact I don't do 'pale' its just not me as I feel clothes always look better with a tan and I feel more healthier.

I have tried various tans over the years but have really wanted to buy Xen Tan as I hear this is possibly the best tan ever,  but it has a large price tag.  I hate spending loads on tanning products in case they end up being rubbish as then its a waste of money.   I was browsing Xen Tan's website and saw that you can purchase a mini size bottle for just £3.99 to try before you spend out more on a large bottle.

I ordered the Moroccan Tan which is very dark for just £3.99 and free delivery, see here:

you can also by the following for £3.99 too:

I have not tried it yet but I will definitely do a review when I do.

What do you think of Xen Tan Morocan Tan?


Sunday 16 June 2013

Primark at ASOS

Hello everyone :) 

I could not believe it but I was browsing the ASOS website the other day and noticed a Primark dress on there!!  I then realised that ASOS are now selling some Primark items.

Have a look here:

Just a heads up in case anyone has ever tried to find things that are sold out in store then you may be able to find it here.

Also I read in a magazine that apparently the range has been selling well so they may be doubling the range. 


Friday 14 June 2013

Forever 21 'Fabulous Finds' purchases

Hello everyone

Well I am back and feeling a bit better now, following on from my previous post about my father I just want to say thanks for your kind wishes.  He seems to be getting better, he is now fully awake so not in a coma like state anymore but we are not sure if he will be able to walk and he at the moment he cannot speak which he is finding very frustrating. They have given him a book with pictures and letters in but he is refusing to use it, I feel this is because he feels like he is a child again.  It does not help when one of the doctors talks to him like he is 5, like shouting at him!!  Luckily this is not a doctor who will see him regularly so we are all glad about that. My father has always been a very proud and a very masculine man so I think he is finding it really difficult that people are nursing him like a child, I can tell he hates it!  Its very sad to see but hopefully he will get better soon.

To cheer me up in the past week I made a sneaky Forever 21 order as there was a couple of things I really wanted.   I am addicted to this website and I particularly love the Fabulous Finds section.   Fabulous Finds has items at Primark prices but I think they are slightly better quality and fit.

I ordered this ditsy dress which was only £12.75,  love this dress I love the ditsy print and the colour. The style is very flattering and its cotton material which is so much nicer than polyester! 

 I love it so much that today I ordered the black and beige version too! Its one of those dresses that can be worn any season with the right accessories.

Also I ordered this cream and navy polka dot top,  I love polka dots and this is really stretchy and fitted and looks nice tucked into a pencil skirt or just worn with jeans.  This was only £5.50 but its now gone into the sale for £3.99.  They also have this in navy blue and pink.

What do you think of my buys?


Monday 10 June 2013

Sadness, hope and lots of prayers!

Hello everyone
Once again sorry for the lack of posts but unfortunately I received
 terrible news last week.  My father went into hospital for an operation on his heart which all went fine but the next morning while he was having breakfast he suffered a Stroke. They had to heavily sedate him and put a breathing tube in him as he was not breathing for himself.
I rushed up to be by his bedside at the end of last week and it was the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen.  Its been really awful I have been trying to look after my mum whilst worrying about my dad.  He seems to be improving every day, they have slowly reduced his sedation and he is starting to open his eyes now and look around and squeeze our hands.  It has been slow going but every day he seems to be responding more and more.  Today my mum asked him to nod if he could see me and he nodded and gripped my hand tightly, you cannot imagine how happy this made me as at one stage he was hardly responding to anything.  Its really made me appreciate the important things in life and not to worry about unimportant things that don't matter.
My uncle also came down from Scotland, he is a real character and he has tried to get us laughing and take our minds off whats happening.  He is very postitive so this has helped my mum buts its so worrying and upsetting for us all.
He seems to be getting stronger daily, we are just hoping and praying he recovers quickly.  They are meant to be taking out the breathing tube tomorrow but they need him to breathe on his own,  which he is doing more so each day.
Luckily he was in the hospital when the stroke happened so this may have saved a lot of time.
I will get back to posting once I feel up to it, maybe in a few days.  I have got lots of posts coming up very soon.
I appreciate your support and I will be back soon.
Take care