Friday 14 June 2013

Forever 21 'Fabulous Finds' purchases

Hello everyone

Well I am back and feeling a bit better now, following on from my previous post about my father I just want to say thanks for your kind wishes.  He seems to be getting better, he is now fully awake so not in a coma like state anymore but we are not sure if he will be able to walk and he at the moment he cannot speak which he is finding very frustrating. They have given him a book with pictures and letters in but he is refusing to use it, I feel this is because he feels like he is a child again.  It does not help when one of the doctors talks to him like he is 5, like shouting at him!!  Luckily this is not a doctor who will see him regularly so we are all glad about that. My father has always been a very proud and a very masculine man so I think he is finding it really difficult that people are nursing him like a child, I can tell he hates it!  Its very sad to see but hopefully he will get better soon.

To cheer me up in the past week I made a sneaky Forever 21 order as there was a couple of things I really wanted.   I am addicted to this website and I particularly love the Fabulous Finds section.   Fabulous Finds has items at Primark prices but I think they are slightly better quality and fit.

I ordered this ditsy dress which was only £12.75,  love this dress I love the ditsy print and the colour. The style is very flattering and its cotton material which is so much nicer than polyester! 

 I love it so much that today I ordered the black and beige version too! Its one of those dresses that can be worn any season with the right accessories.

Also I ordered this cream and navy polka dot top,  I love polka dots and this is really stretchy and fitted and looks nice tucked into a pencil skirt or just worn with jeans.  This was only £5.50 but its now gone into the sale for £3.99.  They also have this in navy blue and pink.

What do you think of my buys?



  1. fab purchases!

    keeping everything crossed for your father xo

  2. The first dress is gorgeous x

  3. So glad to hear your dad is making progress. Fingers crossed he continues to improve. If the doctor carries on you should have a word with someone. Especially if you feel it may influence his recovery.
    Glad to hear you've been treatin yourself, it's good to have a little retail therapy. Lovely finds!
    Thankyou for your comment on my post. My legs are far from slim but Thankyou for the complement and I shall get a review post done for you. The trial sizes are a great idea from xen tan I'm tempted to try the Moroccan tan myself too! Xx

  4. So sorry to hear your dad has been so ill, but very pleased to hear he is doing better now. sending hugs to you all.

    x x


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