Sunday 5 May 2013

♥ Our new redecorated bedroom - photo heavy ♥

Hello everyone
Well I know a few people have asked to see some bedroom photos and so here they are.
I am so please with it I think its made the bedroom really fresh and has a shabby chic style.  I think photos don't really sum up a room well as I think you need to see it in person to see the real effect.
Please excuse the black spot in the photos, there is something wrong with my camera. Plus just as I took the photos the gold top from the headboard fell falls off all the time!

Feature wallpaper is from B&Q - K2 Holden in Arabella Mini
The built in wardrobes are from Sharps fitted bedrooms they were here when we moved in a few years ago but we really like them they are very modern.  The previous owner told us they cost a fortune and you can tell, the quality and look is great.  In fact they are the only original thing we liked in the whole house. 
Cushion - Primark
Ditsy Rose duvet set - Primark
Our bed is a Silentnight and was only bought a few months ago from Dreams but we kept the headboard from our old bed.
The lamps are from Ikea, my mum bought these for us when we first moved in a few years ago.  They are frosted glass with daisy cut out design...I love these lamps so much. ♥

The walls were painted in Dulax Jasmine White and Dulux Brilliant White on all the woodword and wardrobes (except the Sharps ones).  The built in cupboard that is painted brilliant white was there when we moved in.  The doors are sliding which is good as there would not be a lot of space to open them with the bed there otherwise!  We bought the handles to match the handles on the Sharps cupboards so it all matched.  They were also from B&Q.
The Cath Kidston bag is just hung there for effect.. :)
The chrome curtain rails are from B&Q and they have a spiral ending and the curtains were our original curtains which we bought these when we first moved in I think they were from a shop in Bristol called Textile World.
The canvas picture is from Wilkinsons...a bargain at only £6.00.  I love it and it adds something to the plain walls.
This is another cupboard which houses all my shoes and a lot more clothes!  The over the door mirror was bought 2 years ago from Matalan but they have it in white and I so wish I had bought the white one now.  I may still buy it as they still have it online.  I think the wood effect ruins the look of the room!
The floating shelf is from B&Q although I think we may have put it up to high...nevermind!  On the shelf I have the tv, pictures of Tommy and Ollie and the far frame is what a lovely friend of mine gave me as part of a christmas present.  She already put the photos in for me although I have changed one of them.  I am in all the photos.  Top left with my husband, top right with my gorgeous friend Yimen (who bought me the frame) bottom left is me when I was about 7 and bottom right me now. 

We don't have any blinds at the moment as the old ones were damaged so they were thrown out.  I hate net curtains so I am not sure whether I am going to leave the windows bare or get new blinds.
I also want to get a couple of small floral arrangements for the window sills.
The lampshade is from B&Q this was bought about a year ago.  Its lovely as when the light is on it illuminates through the cut out floral design.  Its also very similar to my Ikea lamps.
Its not fully complete yet as we still ned to buy a chest of drawers/dressing table and a new bedroom door as the old one is very tired and dated looking.
I have seen some gorgeous white drawers and dressing tables at Dunelm Mill which will look fab in our room.
So there you have it...what do you think?


  1. Looks lovely Lisa, love the colour of your walls and the floral print :). Also love your wardrobes!! Xx

  2. Ooh it looks lovely! I do think that white makes a room feel so clean and fresh. Xxx

  3. Gorgeous ! It's so light and airy :) Love it xx

  4. It does look so lovely and I am loving that lightshade xx

  5. It's lovely, a bedroom should be a peaceful, restful place and you've done it so well.

  6. It looks cozy and i like how neat it looks!

  7. Light, fresh and airy and very feminine. x

  8. It's really pretty Lisa, very you!! xx

  9. Your bedroom is so pretty, it's really fresh, light & airy. I love the wallpaper. Xx


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