Saturday, 18 May 2013

Big Summer Haul


Last week I went shopping wih my mum and bought some gorgeous items in (can you guess....yes you are correct.....NEW LOOK! ) I had a 25% discount voucher too so saved quite a bit :)

We had a fabulous day although I think I tired my poor mum out.

Firstly I purchased this gorgeous ditsy lace waist dress.  Love this dress its a little stunner. 


Pink Floral Ruffle Dress, very girly I wondered if its too girly even for a girly girl like me but it does look really nice on me.  My mum said it was made for me!

Pink Lace back cardigan - I love this cardigan so much, its beautiful and the colour is gorgeous.

I love the lace back

Pink Pointelle jumper - love the colour of this too as its very vibrant. The photo does not do it justice.
Sunglasses - these were only £2.99 but as I always tend to lose or break my sunglasses so I don't like to spend a lot on them.
Also in Primark I bought this lace trim cami

We also popped into Asda and I bought these shoes which were only a tenner.  They are really ideal for work as they are not too high and very comfy.

What do you think of my summer buys?

Have a nice weekend


  1. Love those dresses xx

  2. lovely dresses, they are so you! x

  3. The first dress is gorgeous! Perfect for the summer!


  4. Love the dresses Lisa, especially the first one, it'll be gorgeous with some sandals. xx

  5. you buy the lovliest of dresses, the first one is my favourite.

    You must own so many clothes :)

    x x x

    1. Thankyou Charlotte I know I think I do have too many and am running out of room. But still I always say I have nothing to wear :)

  6. Gorgeous buys. Those shoes are such a bargain! x

    1. Thanks Leanne, I think they look a poorer quality in the photo than they really are x

  7. Aww is the second one the dress you sent me a link too? Everything is lovely. I also love the purchases from your last new look haul too!
    I've tried the same tan you have reviewed but found after showering there isn't much colour pay off. However every tan is different for everyone and my first tanning experience was with xen-tan which I adore and think you will never beat! Xx

    1. Yes the 2nd one is the one I sent you a link too.I love it but i tuck the frill bit insde on the chest and it looks much better x

      Thats a shame re the tan I have never tried Xen tan butI really must. Is it really that good? x

  8. Love the pink ruffle dress! I'm off to do my holiday shopping in a week and I cannot wait to find some lovely skirts and dresses (my legs want to see daylight at last!)

    Kayspray xx

  9. Love the dresses Lisa, very pretty xx


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