Thursday, 30 May 2013

I like you VERY much.

I am not really a catalogue girl, I have not used one for years since I ordered a few things from La Redoute and it all went back as the quality was rubbish. 
However I have seen the recent adverts for Very and always think to myself how lovely their items look plus they sell brands like Oasis, Lipsy etc
Once I looked at the website it was fatal and I have made a small order. 
Firstly I ordered:
Oasis Isabelle Lace Skater Dress - this is a stunning dress. 

South Ponte Skater Dress - I want this to wear to work I really hope it suits me!
South Summer Blue Petite Jeggings - I love jeggings and I love the colour of these as I have very light blue, dark blue, black and bright blue jeggings but nothing this colour.  I also love the fact that they have these in petite as I find most of my jeggings are a tad too long for me..I still wear them though :)
I can use the pay nothing for 12 months option but I am not going to as I would rather pay it off asap.  When I used catalogues before I usually ordered a few items paid them off and then ordered a few more and do the same, that way you don't get into debt.
Have you used Very before, what do you think of these items?



  1. I'm not a catalogue girl really either but Very...I love. I've ordered a lot from there, I'm actually about to buy a new bed (and some clothes!) x

  2. the first dress is just beautiful x

  3. I've had a couple of bits from them and they were quite nice, but they were the branded bits. I love that lace skater dress x

  4. Omg the first dress is stunning! X

  5. I like both dresses and i can see you in the first one! I dont like to order, as im usually disatiafied. But there is one dress from a canadian boutique i will order, they have nice things but they are not in my area :(

  6. I've ordered a couple of lovely bikinis from La Redoute about 7 years ago but that was it. As I rarely buy modern clothes catalogues aren't for me but the things you chose are very you! x

  7. That lace skater dress is just gorgeous!xx


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