Sunday, 26 May 2013

Back in the driving seat!

Hiya everyone
Sorry for the lack of posts but I have had a busy week and my parents have been staying with us again.  I shall be doing more regular posts from now on :)
Well I have finally made a big purchase and bought a car....!  I pick it up next weekend and I am so excited because I have not been on the road for like a year and a half which is when my old Ford Fiesta went to car heaven.  Since then as I worked in town I usually bussed it or got the train as parking in town is so expensive.  But lately since I started my new job in January (which incidentally is only a 5 minute drive from home and has free parking) I decided I wanted to get a car again.  To be honest I am not someone who will be driving very far in it.  We use Mike's car for further afield trips but I just wanted something to get me to work and back, go shopping, vist friends and go to restaurants/cinema etc.

stock photo 
I did not want to spend £1000's on a car thats not really going to be going very far.   I mean I could have gone to a car showroom and bought a brand new car but whats the point it would be a waste of money, therefore I have bought a secondhand Seat Arosa (similar to a VW Lupo) its only a 1.0 which is cheap on petrol too. Mike knows the guy I bought it from and he is pretty trustworthy plus he has been Mike's mechanic for years. 
I cannot wait to get back on the road.
Take care
Lisa -Jane


  1. Aww glad your getting back on the road. I don't use my car much but it's good to have the freedom of a car if you need it.
    I wanted to get back on the road to keep my no claims bonus going and it will give me more options with job hunting too! Xx

  2. Seat's are fantastic cars. We had a Cordoba for years and loved it. Can't beat a car from the VW family! xxx


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