Monday, 27 May 2013

Fresh as a daisy

Hope your all having a nice bank holiday weekend.  I have been really lazy and actually spent most of today in bed on my laptop...!  Well I am making the most of it as its back to work tomorrow :( 
Anyway onto today's post and as you know I am like my florals especially anything with daisies..I mean how could anyone not like daisies they are really pretty and delicate,  so imagine my delight when I came across this daisy design bodycon dress.


I think there is not enough Daisy things in the shops , we need more daises :)

Oh also I purchased a denim skirt this week in New Look.  I actually hate denim skirts with a passion, something about them makes me think 'chav'! However I love this one as I love the solid indigo colour and its really flattering.

It has an elasticated waist (another thing I am not keen on in skirts) but it reminds me of 'jeggings' style but in a skirt!   I will wear this with pretty tops in summer and jumpers and thick tights in winter, so its a good all rounder.
I must give you an update of my diet and exercise plan too as I have 3 weeks till my girly weekend in Bournemouth and 6 weeks to my holiday in Zante.  I have been going to the gym twice a week but last week I upped that to 3 times a week as I am feeling fitter.
Take care


  1. Love both xx

  2. Totally agree about there not being enough Daisy things! x

  3. I love the daisy top I am a huge daisy fan too xx

  4. You can't beat a daisy print! x

  5. I used to have a cropped top with daisies when i was about twelve and really liked it!

  6. lovely items Lisa! The daisy print is so pretty x

  7. I love that dress, so cute x


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