Sunday, 2 June 2013

REVIEW: Tan Atomicals - Get a Tan without looking like your Gran


I have finally got around to doing a review of this.  If you are a regular follower of my blog you would have known I did a review of the Tan Atomicals Tan Mousse a while back. This is my second review of Tan Atomicals, this one is the instant tan with the slogan 'Get a tan without looking like your gran'.

Again I have to laugh at the slogan and the wording on the box and the bottle.
This is my arm after one application
This instant tan is really not a long term tan this is a product you would use if you were going on a night out or a special occasion and just wanted an instant colour than can be washed off easily.

Personally I do like this, its very messy so its best to apply with a tanning mitt.   I think its quite natural as you can see exactly where you put it but I would not use it as a long term everyday tan as it would just take too much time plus it would wash off in the rain..eek!
Would I buy this again??? I would if it was on offer as I think £6.99 for an instant tan is a bit steep. I still much prefer Sally Hanson Airbush Legs for an instant tan as its more waterproof so if it rains you won't look like streaky bacon and also I think Sally H gives a better more deeper colour.
Have you tried this?



  1. Love the slogan lol x

  2. Great packaging! I'm not keen on the wash off stuff, prefer something more permanent. Great review though. xxx


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